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Welcome to my pages, which I use mostly as a place to stash bits of funny or useful code, a repository for old talks and other documents which could either be useful for others or myself in the future.

I currently work as a researcher in the field of theoretical particle physics, more precisely doing computer simulations of how the strong nuclear force works in high energy collisions of protons and heavy nuclei. I am involved in the Pythia event generator, and the Rivet project for comparing data to theory. I have also been involved in the DIPSY event generator, now largely superseeded by equivalent models in Pythia.

Read this before writing me an email

I am happy to receive your email on various topics. Relevent addresses are found by clicking on "Contact" in the left menu. But before doing so, please read this:

  • If you are writing me with a question about PYTHIA or Angantyr, please use the mailing list authors [at] instead.

  • If you are writing me with a question about Rivet, please use the mailing list rivet-support [at] instead.

  • If you are a former student writing me for a recommendation letter, please write me at least a week before deadline.